Can You Get a Mommy Makeover Without Being a Mom?

Short answer: yes, you can get a mommy makeover without being a mom.

Long answer: yes, and we’ll explain why — including what a mommy makeover is and things to consider when thinking about getting one — below.

What is a Mommy Makeover?

A mommy makeover is typically a set of procedures that are constructed in a single-stage process with a singular recovery time. The goal is to offer more results with less time invested for individuals — like new moms — who don’t have the time to schedule things separately.

This type of experience is customizable. Depending on your surgical goals, the first step to having one is talking to a cosmetic surgeon about which procedures best fit your needs.

Because mommy makeovers are most commonly used as a tool to help women achieve their pre-pregnancy bodies after settling into post-pregnancy life, the following procedures are most often included:

  • Breast Lift or Augmentation to enhance breast volume and shape or lift breasts that have sagged after breastfeeding.
  • Tummy Tuck to help tighten and reshape the abdominal area by removing excess stretched skin and repairing stretched or separated abdominal muscles.
  • Body Lift to help contour your body to the way you want it to be — or, in many cases, the way it used to be.
  • Liposuction to remove stubborn fat deposits that may have accumulated in various areas of the body, such as the abdomen, thighs and hips.

Can You get a Mommy Makeover Without Being a Mom?

Yes, you can get a mommy makeover without being a mom. The customizable nature of a mommy makeover allows for individuals to address specific bodily concerns like sagging breasts, excess abdominal skin, or stubborn fat deposits irrespective of whether these changes stem from childbirth or other factors. It’s called a mommy makeover because these concerns most often pop up after childbirth and all the major bodily changes that come with it, but that’s all.

The inclusivity of the term underscores the adaptability of cosmetic procedures, catering to anyone seeking to enhance their physical appearance and restore confidence through a personalized and more comprehensive approach.

Not everyone has time for individual surgical procedures with individual recovery periods, either, whether that’s because they’re a new mom or an entirely different reason.

Should I get a Mommy Makeover?

That’s up to you. No one can tell you whether you should get a cosmetic procedure other than you. For some, a mommy makeover is a chance to reset their self-esteem after massive change. For others, it’s just one path to feeling more comfortable among many.

Consider the following when asking yourself if you should get a mommy makeover in order to land on the best choice for you:

  • Personal Health and Wellness. Assess your overall health and well-being to ensure you are physically and emotionally prepared for elective surgery. This is a good time to discuss any existing medical conditions or concerns with your healthcare provider.
  • Family Planning. Consider your future plans for having more children, as subsequent pregnancies may impact the results of the mommy makeover.
  • Financial Considerations. Evaluate the cost of the mommy makeover, including surgical fees, anesthesia, facility charges, and potential post-operative care. Ensure that you are financially prepared for the investment.
  • Recovery Time. Understand the expected recovery period and consider how it fits into your lifestyle, work commitments and family responsibilities.
  • Consultation with a Plastic Surgeon. Schedule consultations with board-certified plastic surgeons to discuss your goals, concerns and which specific procedures you’re most interested in.
  • Support System. Ensure you have a reliable support system in place, including friends or family who can assist you during the recovery period.
  • Lifestyle Changes. Consider any necessary lifestyle changes, such as maintaining a healthy diet and exercise routine, to optimize and sustain the results of the mommy makeover. Get started on those habits ahead of time if you’re able.

A mommy maker isn’t for everyone, but it is for anyone who wants to make significant changes within a limited time frame and is willing to take the plunge.

If you’d like to talk to a specialist about what a mommy makeover could do for you, get in touch with the team at RENEW to schedule a consultation.

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