Eyebrow & Forehead Lifts in Minneapolis, MN

Empower Yourself With a Rejuvenating Lift

What Is an Eyebrow or Forehead Lift?

Step into a world of uplifted spirits with a rejuvenating forehead or eyebrow lift from Renew Plastic Surgery. This procedure elevates sagging brows and smooths furrowed foreheads, bringing a more refreshed and youthful appearance to the surface.

As you age, you may experience deep horizontal wrinkles on the forehead or “frown lines” between the brows. Aging can also cause the skin to “relax,” causing foreheads to drop and partially cover the upper eyelids.

These wrinkles and drooping skin may not only contribute to an aged appearance, but can even affect the way people perceive you, giving you an angry or serious disposition — one that may not reflect your mood or personality.

With expert precision, our plastic surgeons gently lift and reposition excess skin and underlying tissue in order to uplift your eyebrows and forehead to give you a more alert and neutral resting facial expression.

Eyebrow & Forehead Lifts at a Glance

Often, an eyebrow or forehead lift is combined with other cosmetic procedures to help achieve your overall desired appearance. Some of the procedures that are frequently combined with a brow or forehead lift are blepharoplasty, face lift or non-surgical aesthetic procedures such as chemical peels or BOTOX® treatments.

During your consultation, you will discuss your appearance goals, your health history as well as any previous surgeries. Together you and your doctor will discuss your options and choose a course of treatment.

Outpatient/inpatient: Outpatient
Length of surgery: 1-2 hours
Anesthesia: Depends
Length of recovery: 1 to 2 weeks, though it may take several months for the final results to fully settle in

See the Results

There’s no denying the impact an eyebrow or forehead lift can make — see the difference for yourself!

“Dr. Wudel – I would like to offer a heartfelt thank you for the services you have provided the past few months. You have a true gift of being a kind physician. Your ability to balance people skills and surgical skills makes a huge difference in the healing process.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Anesthesia is administered during both procedures, so patients do not experience pain. However, some discomfort, bruising and swelling can be expected during the recovery period.

Yes, both forehead and eyebrow lifts are often combined with other facial rejuvenation procedures like blepharoplasty (eyelid lift) for more comprehensive rejuvenation.

A well-performed eyebrow lift will not impact your ability to move your eyebrows or show natural expressions. Your surgeon will take care to preserve the functionality of the facial muscles and provide natural-looking results.

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