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What Is Breast Reduction Surgery?

Breast reduction surgery — also known as reduction mammoplasty — is a transformative procedure aimed at alleviating discomfort and enhancing body proportions by reducing the size of breasts to more comfortably fit their owner. Through the skillful hands of experienced surgeons, excess breast tissue and skin are meticulously removed, resulting in a more balanced silhouette.

Large breasts can lead to a lot of unnecessary discomfort — back pain and shoulder grooving impact you physically while self-consciousness and doubt can cause just as much mental pain.

If you’re struggling with these challenges and seeking a long-term solution, consider scheduling a consultation for breast reduction surgery at Renew Plastic Surgery — conveniently located within the SW metro area of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Breast Reduction at a Glance

At Renew Plastic Surgery, the surgeons at our clinic — in Edina, near Minneapolis — work closely with you to ensure the success of your breast reduction procedure from consultation to completion.

Outpatient/inpatient: Outpatient, though some cases can require inpatient care
Length of procedure: Approximately 2 to 4 hours
Length of recovery: Generally 1 to 2 weeks for initial recovery

Meet Our Breast Reduction Surgeon Dr. Arif Chaudhry

Dr. Arif Chaudhry is classically trained in multiple surgical fields with a particular focus on reconstructive and aesthetic breast surgery. He’s praised by patients for his artistry, technical skill and bedside manner — all of which work together to make your Renew experience as positive and affirming as possible.

What to Expect During a Breast Reduction Consultation

At Renew Plastic Surgery, the first thing you’ll do is meet with one of our surgeons to discuss your concerns and desired outcome. They’ll work with you to devise a care plan tailored to you — your body, your needs, your comfort. Whether you’re seeking relief from back pain or wishing to achieve a more proportionate figure, our Minnesota-based breast reduction specialists are here to help.

In your consultation at our Minneapolis-area clinic, your surgeon will explain the breast reduction procedure, preoperative considerations and expectations for recovery. Each patient’s journey is unique, so you’ll be able to get questions answered and specifics regarding your procedure addressed during this appointment

See the Results

A breast reduction makes a very real impact on the way patients both look and feel — see the difference for yourself!

Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone who is uncomfortable with the size of their breasts will be a good candidate for breast reduction surgery. Individuals seeking breast reduction at Renew’s Minneapolis-area clinic are typically looking to alleviate physical discomfort — back, neck or shoulder pain — but our surgeons are here to support anyone looking for the relief this surgery can provide.

No, having breast reduction surgery covered by medical insurance is not particularly easy in MN. In the majority of cases, insurance companies will ask for 2-3 reports from referring specialists documenting medical necessity before they’ll consider covering a breast reduction. In many cases they’ll also ask for up to a year of documented treatment by a physical therapist, chiropractor or other specialist to attempt to alleviate the need.

It’s possible, but it’s not guaranteed. For many of the people we help, they find that the improved quality of life greatly outweighs the out-of-pocket cost.

There is no required minimum breast size required to get a reduction. Patients who come to our clinic for the procedure are typically a C cup or larger, but we can support a variety of unique needs. Your breast size post-breast reduction surgery will depend on your desired outcome. Our surgeons will work closely with you to guarantee your desired size and shape while maintaining proportion and aesthetics.

After a breast reduction surgery, your initial recovery phase will likely span between one and two weeks. During this period, it’s not uncommon to experience mild to moderate pain, swelling and bruising. To manage discomfort, prescription or over-the-counter pain medication may be needed. It’s important to limit arm movement to avoid strain on incisions during this time. For many, wearing a surgical bra or compression garment provides support and aids in healing.

From 2 to 6 weeks post-surgery, pain and discomfort will start to diminish as swelling goes down. You’ll have a follow-up appointment during this period to monitor healing progress and remove any stitches or drains. By now, you should be able to gradually increase physical activity and return to normal daily routines, while avoiding strenuous activities or heavy lifting.

As the recovery progresses beyond 6 weeks, most swelling and bruising should have resolved. Incision scars will begin to fade but it’s not unusual for them to take several months or more to fade completely. Regular scar care — keeping the incision sites clean and moisturized — is essential during this phase. Patients can engage in light exercises and gradually reintroduce more strenuous activities as advised by their surgeon. During this time, the final results of your breast reduction surgery will start to become more apparent as your new size and shape settles.

Yes. Breast reduction is not known to impact an individual’s ability to breastfeed. Some women do experience better supply if their reduction was completed more than five years before their milk came in, however.

Yes, breast reduction surgery can have an impact on your nipples. Your surgeon may need to reposition or reshape your nipples during surgery in order to meet your desired symmetry and balance.

Additionally, some patients may experience temporary changes in nipple sensation after breast reduction surgery. While not common, the experience can range from increased sensitivity to general numbness —  returning to normal over time.

Yes, breast reductions are often combined with other procedures like breast lifts or as part of mommy makeovers to achieve comprehensive aesthetic goals. During your Renew consultation, you’re welcome to ask your surgeon about the benefits of combination procedures.

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